Video Game Programming Ultimate Guide

Are you passionate about gaming and interested in programming? Do you want to learn how to create the next big hit in the video game industry? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’ll explore the basics of video game programming, giving you the tools and knowledge needed to make your own games.


Game programming, a subset of game development, is an important skill to learn for anyone interested in becoming a game developer. It requires knowledge of software engineering and coding, as well as an understanding of computer-based programming. It is also important to be familiar with the different types of programming languages used in video game programming and how they differ from other forms of software engineering.

A great way to get started is with an online course such as Abertay’s for Kids. This course teaches young video game enthusiasts how to program video games using QB64, which is a simple and free version of BASIC programming. Additionally, many courses offer an in-depth overview of 2D and 3D interactive game development, which can help you gain a better understanding of how video games themselves are implemented. The skills acquired through courses can open the door to numerous career opportunities in the gaming industry.

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Understanding the Basics of Video Game Programming

Understanding the basics of video game programming is necessary for anyone wanting to create their own game. This includes understanding the different types of programming languages used in video game programming, how it differs from other types of software engineering, and the various tools and techniques used. Additionally, knowing the various challenges faced as well as the skills and career opportunities available with a degree in video game programming can help aspiring game developers get an edge over the competition. With a better understanding of the basics of video game programming, aspiring developers can create interesting and immersive experiences that will captivate gamers around the world.

Video Games Programming Types

In video game programming, many developers opt to use popular programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Lua. C++ is a popular language due to its speed and flexibility, while Java is a dynamic language with many applications. Lua is another lightweight language that feels similar to JavaScript and is used for video game scripting. Each programming language has its own unique benefits and challenges that should be considered when selecting the right language for a project. With an online degree in video game programming and development. Students will learn the basics of each of these languages and be able to choose the best one for their project.

Video Game Programming vs Other Platforms

Game programming is a subset of game development, and requires software engineering skills to code, test, debug, and design video games. The difference between game developers and software engineers lies in the creative vision of the game. While software engineers are responsible for the technical implementation of a game, game developers are responsible for creating the creative vision. Game programming differs from other types of software engineering in that developers of open-source games tend to diverge from strict software engineering rules, autonomously breaking into teams specialized in different aspects of the development process. Thus, video game programming requires a combination of technical knowledge and creative vision to create successful games.

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The Benefits of an Online Degree

An online degree in game programming and development provides students with the skills they need to make a career in the video game industry. With courses covering software and gaming development, programming, theory, graphic design, marketing, concepts, and more, students are sure to be well-equipped to take on any challenge that comes with designing and creating video games. With an online degree, there is also the flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world at any time. This makes it easier for students to fit study into their daily life. Furthermore, there is a group of different options for video game design courses and video game development courses available online. With an online degree in video game programming and development, students can look forward to having a wide range of career chances available to them.

Tools and Techniques Used

Tools and techniques used in video game programming are often complex and multi-faceted. The Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Unity, and Godot are all popular tools for creating the mechanics of a game. When it comes to programming, languages such as C, Java, Python, and JavaScript are often used. Additionally, software engineering principles such as object-oriented programming (OOP) are commonly utilized to ensure the game functions properly. Furthermore, video game development requires knowledge of game design theories in order to create an enjoyable experience for players. All of these elements must be taken into consideration when creating a successful video game. Students can gain the skills necessary to make their gaming dreams a reality.

Challenges Faced

It has its own unique set of challenges compared to other types of software engineering. One major challenge is the sheer complexity of developing a video game. For a successful game, supporters must consider the visuals, the story, and the gameplay mechanics. And various other factors come together to make a complete experience. This can be especially challenging for those just starting out in video game programming. Additionally, the development process for video games is often iterative and requires regular testing and feedback from stakeholders. Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban have proven to be effective tools for managing this process. As they allow for quick changes and adjustments based on feedback from stakeholders. However, agile methods also present their own challenges, such as making sure all team members are on the same page when it comes to objectives and deadlines.

Careers Available with a Degree

With a degree in video game programming and development, there are a variety of career paths available. These include roles as game designers, video game programmers, video game animators, game artists, and sound designers. Video game designers are responsible for creating the concept and rules of a video game. While programmers bring the concept to life with code. Video game animators create characters and objects that move within the game. While artists design the visuals and sound designers create the audio accompaniment. With the right skills and experience, these roles can lead to a successful career in the gaming industry.

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Fundamental Skills Required

Video game programmers need to have a range of technical and creative skills in order to create interesting, immersive experiences for players. They must be proficient in database design, implementation, and management as well as coding in various programming languages. Creativity is also important for developing the storyline, characters, levels, and other elements of the game. Problem-solving skills are key for debugging code and fixing issues. Collaboration with other members of the development team is also important to ensure that the game meets its objectives. With the right combination of skills and experience. Those with a degree or certification in video game programming can look forward to exciting and fulfilling careers in the industry.


In conclusion, video game programming is a complex but rewarding field. It requires a wide array of skills and knowledge in order to be successful. Understanding the basics of coding, understanding the different types of programming languages used in video games. And having a good grasp on how programming for games differs from other types of software engineering is vital for success. Having an online degree in video game programming and development can help you gain the skills necessary to succeed. Additionally, having a good understanding of the various tools and techniques used in video games. Awareness of the challenges faced in this field can make you a better programmer. Finally, there are many careers available for those with a degree. Meaning that with the right knowledge and hard work you could have an exciting career in this field.

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